Other people’s comics that inspire me:

Agents of the Realm
All Night*
Burn the Bridges of Arta
Check, Please!*
City of Cards*
Eth’s Skin*
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal*
O Human Star*
Prince of Cats*
Sophie Goldstein/House of Women
Star Trip*
To Catch A Dream Eater*
Valley of the Silk Sky*
What’s Normal Anyway?*

*queer and/or trans content

Other places to find me:

My Patreon! — The best place to support ATCF!
My tumblr — Sketchblog, project updates!
My twitter, @melgillman — Deep, meaningful dialogue about butts.
Smbitten — Everybody draws a book about swing-dancing lesbian vampires SOMETIME in their life, right? Well, I sure did.

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